The Needles Eye

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In 1976 Mrs. Irma Davis founded the Needle’s Eye Christian Counseling Center for the purpose of addressing the dysfunctions of life caused by drug and alcohol abuse. The Needles Eye Christian Counseling Center has been a hub in the community for 39 years and a nationally recognized leader in Christian recovery and youth development. The Needle’s Eye is dedicated to creating preventative programs that instill morals and values within the lives of at risk youth. The Needle’s Eye works to achieve these goals by meeting with the children weekly in which absolute morals and values lessons are taught. These practices builds self-esteem and character. The programs will be evaluated by the positive outcome that are reported by school, families and the community members of the Mahoning and neighboring areas.

The Southside Ministries, is an
arm of the Church of Jesus Christ, seeks to address social disruptions
of Youngstown’s Southside. Our Mission is to bring about changes in the lives of individuals and the
corporate life of the community.